BAFTA has revealed the long lists in all categories for its 2022 Film Awards. Scroll down to see them in full. These lists were compiled via the first round of BAFTA voting. The second round, which determines the nominations, opens on January 14 and ends on January 27. Nominations forRead More →

Notre-Dame Student Film Festival The Department of Cinema, Television and Theater (FTT) of the University of Notre Dame presents the 33rd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival, at Browning Cinema at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center January 21-23. An annual launching pad for student filmmakers starting their careers in the film,Read More →

Chicago Winter Whiskey Tasting Festival 1Christmas Inn(Hubbard Inn)Christmas may be over, but the Christmas spirit officially lasts until the end of the first week of January; Christmas Inn is three floors of Christmas decorations, cocktails and kitsch ’60s decor. Pro tip: There’s a “Christmas Apocalypse” on the third floor.Until JanuaryRead More →