25th Urban World Film Festival announces winners – deadline

Exclusive: 7th & UnionThe Anthony Nardilloa-directed drama about a Mexican boxer trying to save his family won the award for best narrative film (American cinema) in the 25th annual year. Urban World Film Festival.

“7th and Union”
Urban World Film Festival

Located in New York City, with a focus on the work of Blacks, Indigenous Peoples, Latin Americans and other people of color, the festival was chosen to be comprehensive and representative of the whole of culture, theme and story. From 90 official selections, we unveiled this year’s winners on Monday.

Other winners include Damian D. Smith Target: St. Louis Vol. 1 As the best documentary film; Best Screenplay by Sonya Perryman 84; And reset Feliciano (The woman is a loser) And Talia Lugashi ()It’s not a war story) Both received the award for best director of an American narrative feature film.

Includes judges for the Narrative Feature Film Competition Michele Arteaga, Starz, Executive Director of Program Acquisition. Mercedes-Benz, vice-president Public programming, table; and Ryan jones, Development of Universal Pictures SVP production.

A festival that has helped promote the director’s early works, including Ava DuVernay, Dee Reese and Ryan Coogler has been held for 25 years in a hybrid format this year from September 29 to October 3.

The full list of the 2021 winners is as follows:

Best Features in History (American Movies)

7th and union
works of Anthony Nardrillo

The best feature-length documentaries

Target: St. Louis Vol. 1
A movie directed by Damian D. Smith

Short documentary

Yale Free
works of Mayakueva

Honorable mention: Made wonderfully, Director Benita Ozoude


All the kids
works of William Stead

Honorable mention: Sunday, Christian Schifano

The best narrative news

works of Hasan Hadi

Best animated short films

Enter the river
works by Weijiama

Best Experimental Sidebar

Don’t let your mother go to Terin
Director’s work Topus Jones + Rubber Band

Better environmental and social impact

Youth V. Government
works by Christi Cooper

Honorable mention: On the fence line, NOT.Created by Tara Eng, Kristen Harrison, Alex Klein, Alisha Tamarchenko


Our long pile carpet
works of Aldo Pisano

Best clip

North Star Baim Fresh feat. D smoke
works by TL Benton

The best scenario

Screenplay work by Sonya Perryman

Honorable mention: HeritageWritten by Fedna Jacquet

Best Director, American Story Feature

The woman is a loser
Works by Reset Feliciano

It’s not a war story
works by Talia Lugacy

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