3 things Victor Osimhen does better than Dusan Vlahovic

That makes four goals in his last two Serie A games and six in his previous seven, giving him an edge in the ongoing battle with Dusan Vlahovic for Serie A’s best young striker title this season.

And although Vlahovic has scored 20 league goals this season compared to Osimhen’s 11, the Nigerian has played seven fewer games than his rival and has nine fewer starts than the Serb.

Here are three aspects of football in which Victor Osimhen is better than Dusan Vlahovic.


To the naked eye, it looks like Vlahovic is the better finisher of the two, but the numbers suggest otherwise. Osimhen has scored 11 goals on 65 total shots and 21 shots on target, meaning more than half the time Osimhen shoots on target, he scores.

The Nigerian striker boasts a shot conversion rate of 16% and a staggering 52% conversion rate for shots on target.

Vlahovic, on the other hand, managed 20 goals from 37 shots on target which is also quite good but according to FBRef he has 0.41 goals per shot on target, slightly less than Osimhen’s 0.47.

Bear in mind that Vlahovic has also played almost 900 more minutes of football than Osimhen this season for two separate teams, so the fact that Osimhen is even close is very impressive.

Plan creation

Anyone who watches Osimhen knows he is a hustler, extremely mobile and intentional to sniff out opportunities, which positively affects his shot creation stats.

Osimhen has 37 shot creation actions in 19 league games this season (excluding the game against Udinese), which leaves him with 2.46 shot creation actions per 90 minutes, slightly better than the 2, 38 Vlahovic shot creation actions per 90.

Osimhen also has two defensive actions that led to a shot over Vlahovic without any, an ode to his hustling spirit.


Normally, center forwards shouldn’t be rated on tackles, but when the comparison is so close, any tiebreaker is welcome.

Osimhen has 10 tackles this season, more than double Vlahovic’s total of four, indicating he is a modern centre-forward, aware of his responsibility to press with 226 pressures in 19 games against Vlahovic with 234 in 27 games so far. ‘now.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that these players are similar and close that even their birthdays are exactly one month apart and although Osimhen is a year and a month older than Vlahovic, it may not be -be that of a decade-long rivalry between peers.