9 inspiring movies to watch on International Women’s Day 2022

If it is about a film around the central character of a woman, the stereotypes follow one another quickly. The plot often follows the stereotypical approach to conflict and resolution. Even the central character’s vulnerabilities revolve around the men around him. Recently in Bollywood, the powerfully feminist storytelling of Gangubai Kathiawadi was refreshing in more ways than one. The path traced by films like that of Ketan Mehta Mirch Masala finds its beautiful manifestation in movies now, or at least some of them. Technically, any list wouldn’t be exhaustive, but we’ve compiled 9 of the best Indian and Hollywood movies here.

9 Inspirational Movies With Strong Female Characters You Can Watch On International Women’s Day

1. Gravity — Amazon Prime Video

The director of this multiple Oscar-winning film, Alfonso Cuarón, had said that this film was essentially about the space drama of one woman. And it is drama. Sandra Bullock burns the screen with the performance of a lifetime.

2. Million Dollar Baby — Amazon Prime Video

One of Clint Eastwood’s best people to date, we see him try out the persona of a coach who will do anything to squeeze the best player out of a bad-tempered girl. The result is both emphatic and an ode to the power of courage and struggle.

3. Queen — JioCinema

In this film that has become a classic over the years, we follow the journey of a woman who plans to honeymoon in Paris after her future husband ghosts her on their wedding day. Celebrating her honeymoon all by herself, she not only unravels but discovers truths about her individuality.

4. Ichqiya — Amazon Prime Video

Two morons fall in love with the widow of their deceased friend. What begins as a rather reckless tale of misplaced passion quickly turns into a full-fledged meditation on lust, the agency of a woman in rural India, and the many games of manipulation.

5. Enola Holmes—Netflix

We all love a good detective story, but of course most of them were all male except for the Nancy Drews of the world. PD James would have been proud of the beautifully written character of Enola Holmes who will seek the truth despite the many obstacles that put her in the way.

6. Imago—Netflix

The film’s title refers to the final stage before an insect reaches metamorphosis and transforms into something else. In the film, this transformation is both metaphorical and literal as we follow the story of a girl with skin and self-esteem issues and how her teacher helps her believe in herself and grow into herself. to like.

7. Bogda—Netflix

The tense, complex, and often misunderstood relationship between a mother and daughter takes on a personal yet deeply important turn in this film where a mother-daughter duo uncover the many truths and lies that separate them after being forced to take a journey together.

8. Kahaani — JioCinema

A film that not only redefined the classic tale of betrayal and the search for a missing person on its head, but also offered an emphatic ode to the relentless spirit of a woman who will do anything to seek justice from a world that has wronged him. .

9. Lipstick Under My Burka — Amazon Prime Video

Alankrita Srivastava’s second directorial feature met with a lot of controversy before its release. It was revealing. The film was one of the craziest, most vivid, and most real celebrations of modern womanhood through the lenses of four women, across age groups, religion, and ambitions.