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About 1200 people attend a spiritual and psychic event in Marion

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) – More than a thousand people came to the Southern Illinois Spirituality and Psychic Festival in Marion this weekend.

This event brought together approximately 60 vendors specializing in tarot readers, palmistry, psychics, art and more.

People we’ve spoken to say it’s great to see this event building interest over the years here in the area.

Kelly Kendrick-Tyson is a tarot reader with Petals and Thorns Tarot. She is also the organizer of the event.

“Our first year, we were at about 600,” Kendrick-Tyson said. “So it’s grown exponentially over the years and continues to grow and the wonderful thing is that every year vendors come or festival goers come, people make friendships.”

“And it also really connects people within the community,” said psychic medium Mat Skurat. “Because you get local people, you get people from surrounding states, you even get people traveling hours away.”

We also spoke with Stephanie White with Infinite Intentions Gemworks who sell a range of different types of crystals and other items.

“I think it’s movement. I think people are trying to find alternative ways to heal themselves and I think everyone should explore that and I’m really, really happy to be here and to be a part of it.

This is their fifth year at the event.

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