Bafta confirms the suspension of honorary awards for the 2022 film awards | News

The Bafta Film Awards suspend the presentation of the non-competitive film Fellowship and Outstanding British Contribution to Film award at this year’s ceremony on March 13 following an industry-wide review of how the organization select recipients.

Upcoming changes implemented in time for the 2023 Film Awards include the creation of a Selection Coordinating Committee (SCC) of industry representatives to ensure that such a wide selection of people are considered by the as many people as possible.

CSC will work with the film committee and the Bafta board will ratify the final decision. Until now, decisions about the two winners were made by the film committee and approved by the board of directors.

Bafta members and the wider industry are also encouraged to take a more active role in suggesting potential recipients.

The review was first announced in June 2021 and followed what turned out to be a controversial decision to award this latest award to British film and TV producer, director and actor Noel Clarke.

Bafta was forced to withdraw it weeks after a series of sexual misconduct and bullying allegations against Clarke. Clarke “vehemently” denies sexual misconduct.

The changes also take effect in Bafta’s annual television and gaming awards and the SSC will work on all three. The TV Awards on May 8, 2022 will be the first to implement the new procedures. Bafta said it was too early to set up the new mechanics for this year’s film awards.

“Bafta has undertaken a long, thoughtful and thorough review of its special awards, including extensive industry consultation,” the organization said in a statement. “It concluded that these awards remain a vital way to celebrate excellence and inspire future generations of talent in film, games and television and we look forward to honoring outstanding contributions to these industries at the to come up. Due to the time required to properly implement the recommendations of this review, these non-competitive awards, including the scholarship, will not be part of this year’s 2022 Movie Awards or Game Awards, but we plan to present special prizes on our television. awards ceremony in May.