Black Widow breaks box office records, shows the way forward for Marvel’s Phase 4


Black Widow breaks box office records, shows the way forward for Marvel’s Phase 4

Marvel is hitting gold again.

Burbank, California – Black Widow is carrying the Marvel torch in a hopeful post-pandemic world for Hollywood as it hits record numbers!

Black Widow has been a huge financial success in theaters and on Disney +, making strides for future post-covid films. © IMAGO / Collection of cinema publishers

The highly anticipated MCU movie broke box office records during the weekend.

Black Widow made an impressive $ 80 million in theaters, while the Disney + app has racked up an additional $ 60 million.

The streaming app offered fans the option to watch the superhero movie for $ 30.

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Black Widow’s impressive success is a good sign for the MCU, as it was the first feature film to debut in theaters and online.

However, was the movie really worth the extra $ 30 paid by home viewers?

Spoiler alert!

The standalone Marvel film follows the main character, played by the ever-talented Scarlett Johansson, who is on the run after the events of Capital America: Civil War. Everything that happens in the film takes place before the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which Black Widow sacrifices her life to save her “second family.”

After getting an intimate glimpse into who Natasha Romanoff really is, viewers are also teased with the character who could replace her in the future – Yelena Belova. The character of Florence Pugh is like a younger sister of Natasha and was also trained to be a black widow.

That’s all we’ll blurt out for now, except to say that the film also has a major development that will also add to the excitement of Marvel’s Phase 4.

Meanwhile, Black Widow’s milestone was celebrated by many fans and friends. Scarlett costar Mark Ruffalo gifted her a shout on Instagram.

Black Widow is still in theaters and on Disney +.