Civil Dead and Giving Birth to a Butterfly are the winners of the Nòt film festival

The civilian dead continues its strong run at the film festival, winning two prestigious awards at the fifth annual Nòt Film Festival, which just concluded in Santarcangelo, Italy.

The slacker comedy won Best Picture in the Shooting Stars category at Nòt Film, and director Clay Tatum won Best Director. I served on a jury alongside actress Greta Ferro and filmmaker Gavin Booth in the Shooting Stars category, where we highlighted The civilian dead“The contagious, understated charm that belies the inherent craftsmanship of something to appear so effortlessly”. (It’s already won awards at Slamdance and the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival.

Give birth to a butterfly also won two awards: a Special Mention for Cinematography in the Shooting Stars category and the Director’s Cut Award. This last prize is awarded each year by the artistic directors of Nòt Film, Alizè Latini and Giovanni Labadessa, to two films of their choice. Documentary Il Gabbiano Piú Useless del Mondo by Giuseppe Lanno won the Director’s Cut award for non-fiction.

Nòt Film, celebrating its fifth year, continues to add exciting new initiatives with each edition. This year saw the addition of the “Not a Chance” category, in which three young filmmakers are given an opening night invite and then to write, film, edit and present short films based on that invite during the closing night, just six short nights later. Italian director Ludovico Di Martino (I Viaggiatori) mentored the young filmmakers and Luca Severi Production Group provided professional equipment for the mini-shoots.

“It’s a thriving time to make movies and we need to make movies, and we hope through our little one to inspire many young filmmakers to keep getting involved, creating, making mistakes and starting over, cutting their place that independent cinema deserves,” said Latini and Labadessa.

The prompt for the first “Not a Chance”? “There are only three days until the end of the world, and men are to blame.”

Two of the three filmmakers of “Pas une chance” have comedically tackled a decidedly morose subject: Elisa Possenti’s short film equates the end of the world with a very bad kiss between teenagers, while Pablo Proietti’s comic short imagines a rapidly developing business ecosystem towards the end of the world. But Felippo Marasco won with an austere and decidedly more serious approach.

Di Martino told MovieMaker that the festival would like to expand the program next year, but is aiming for smart and steady growth.

Here is the full list of Nòt Film Festival winners:

Moon Walker Features

Best film : troubled minds

Best performance: Simply human

Best Director: Sarah Carter for In his name

Special mention: The days that I wasted and troubled minds

Characteristics of shooting stars

Best film : The civilian dead

Best Director: Clay Tatum for The civilian dead

Best Performance: Madeline Coghlan for We burn like this

Special Mention for Best Cinematography: Give birth to a butterfly

Features of SuperDocs

Best film : Why are we (not) creative

SuperDocs Shorts

Best Film: “Victory”

Experimental shorts

Best Film: “Reconstruction”

Best Performance: “The Other Half”

Special Mention: “Avery”

Music Bomb and Fashion Popcorn

“Enough” and “Yoshi Funabashi”

NotStream Award


“Vuja From”

“Figli Delle Stella”

Short films from the ER Talents jury:

Best Film: “The Pitch”

Best Director: “Ghosted”

Special mention: “Every other week”

Director’s Cut Award

Il Gabbiano Piú Useless del Mondo

Give birth to a butterfly

The fifth year Not Film Festival took place from August 23 to 28 in Santarcangelo, Italy.

Main picture: Ludovico di Martino (second from right) and the three filmmakers of “Pas une chance” (LR): Pablo Proietti, Felippo Marasco and Elisa Possenti. Courtesy of Not Film Festival