Culver City Film Festival 2021 welcomes filmmakers back to theaters

Culver City Film Festival

The Culver City Film Festival showcases over 350 films from around the world

MARINA DEL REY, CA, USA, December 3, 2021 / — Culver City Film Festival 2021 is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year! The annual film festival, hosted by festival director Jon Gursha and programming director Peter Greene, welcomes independent filmmakers back to theaters. Culver City Film Festival 2021 begins with a kick-off party on Thursday night, December 2 at Sorry Not Sorry Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles. Screenings begin Friday, December 3 at Cinemark 18 and XD at The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center (HHLA) in Los Angeles, and will continue through Thursday, December 9. A “Best of the Fest” awards ceremony and closing party will follow.

“We encourage filmmakers and audiences to return to theaters as we have two screens and over 350 films from around the world for all to enjoy.” “We feel like we’ve created a very special film festival,” Gursha said. The event attracted the attention of individuals as well as international film distributors. The independent film industry has undoubtedly grown to become an important part of the global film market. This year, the Culver City Film Festival will air some of the official festival selections for international audiences on the ShortsDaily Roku channel.

Must-see films from this year’s festival include:

“AMERICA BOXED IN”, Directed by: Casey G. Williams and Ian S. Williams; “LAND OF THE HAUNTED DOLLS”, Directed by: Susan Lien Whigham; “LIFE SAVER”, directed by: Pat Caesar; “QUEEN MARLENE’S TOY MUSEUM”, Directed by: Marlene Hochman and Angie Hansen; “ST. MARTIN DE TOURS”, Directed by: Tony DiMurro and Julie DiMurro; “THE HEIGHTS”, Directed by: Clinton Pernell Gasaway and Cam Cashaw; “THE JOES”, Directed by: Peter Krygowski; “THE TRUST”, Directed by : Harris Shore; “NIGHT MOTHER”, Directed by: John Patrick Lowrie; “A GIFT FROM MY BROTHER”, Directed by: Aswar Rahman; “CALL FOR FIRE”, Directed by: Sean Kinney; “DISPORYA”, Directed by: Mark Ezovski; “DU PRODUCTIONS: THE EMOTION”, Directed by: Devin Saddler; “PETERSBERG RISING”, Directed by: David Yosha and Alan M. Blankstein; “COFFEE WITH EXES”, Directed by: Brett A. Hart; “THE BLUE BY RALPHIE”, Directed by: Joseph F. Alexandre.

The Culver City Film Festival was founded by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene as an independent film festival. Culver City Film Festival provides the independent film community and filmmakers around the world with a platform at the center of the industry. The Festival is a registered trademark. For more information, including the festival programming schedule, please visit

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