David Leitch’s ‘Bullet Train’ to Open Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland – Deadline

The Locarno Film Festival has announced the full line-up and juries for its 75th edition, which will take place August 3-13.

The festival will have a star-studded kick-off on August 3 with the international premiere of David Leitch’s action-comedy High-speed trainfeaturing Brad Pitt alongside an ensemble cast of Joey King, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Sandra Bullock, Hiroyuki Sanada, Andrew Koji and Benito A Martínez Ocasio.

The film will be the subject of a gala screening in the festival’s 8,000-seat open-air arena, the Piazza Grande.

Other titles set to make a splash in the Piazza Grande include Laurie Anderson The House of the Braveby British director Thomas Hardiman luxury jellyfish and the French-language drama by German director Kilian Riedhof You won’t have my hate, based on a man’s memoir of how he and his son coped with the death of his wife in the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack.

The Piazza Grande will also host a number of tribute ceremonies with recipients this year spanning actor Matt Dillon, producer Jason Blum and directors Laurie Anderson and Kelly Reichhardt.

Contenders for the 17-title international competition include French filmmaker Patricia Mazuy’s bowling thriller Saturn bowling. The documentary-comedy-drama hybrid from Italian director Alessandro Comodin The Adventures of Gigi La Loi and Ming Jin Woo’s gritty Malay drama Stone Turtle.

The section’s jury is made up of Swiss producer Michel Merkt, Italian director Samani, American producer William Horberg, British filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond and French director Alain Guiraudie.

Swiss producer Annick Mahnert, Israeli producer and international film consultant Katriel Schory and Indian director Gitanjali Rao make up the Filmmakers of the Present jury, showcasing the work of emerging talent from around the world (see the full selection below).

The festival will screen 226 feature and short films, from 113 countries and drawn from 4,245 applications.

“The selection of films that we have put together, after viewing and evaluating more than 3,000 titles (of all lengths and all formats), is intended to be the mark of an era and of a cinema in motion”, declared the artistic director Giona A. Nazzaro. .

“A historical time that evolves in several directions simultaneously, and a cinema that questions the issues facing the world, and how to live there in a responsible, sustainable way.”

Line-ups for major feature selections

Grand Square

All about Martin Suter. anything but the truth (Swiss German)
Real. André Schäfer

Annie angry (fri)
Real. Blandine Lenoir

High-speed train (WE)
Real. David Leitch

The Sleeping Car Murder (Eng, 1965)
Real. Costa Gavras

Delta (This)
Real. Michele Vannucci

The House of the Brave (WE)
Real. Laurie Anderson

impersonation of life (US, 1958)
Real. Douglas Sirk

Last Dance (Switzerland, Bel)
Real. Delphine Lehericey

luxury jellyfish (UK)
Real. Thomas Hardimann

My neighbor Adolf (Isr, Pol, Col)
Real. Leon Prudovsky

highway to paradise (USA, Germany, Switzerland)
Real. Anna Guto

Semret (Swiss)
Real. Catherine Mona

PianoPiano (This)
Real. Nicholas Prosatore

painted rainbow ((India)
Real. Gitanjali Rao

You won’t have my hate (Ger, Fr, Bel)
Real. Kilian Riedhof

Where the Crawdads sing (WE)
Real. Olivia Newman

International competition

Statement (India)
Real. Mahesh Narayan

fish sermon (Azer, Mex, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
Real. Hilal Baydarov

Saturn bowling (Fr, Beautiful)
Real. Patricia Mazuy

De Noche Los Gatos Son Pardos (Swiss)
Real. Valentine Merz

The Adventures of Gigi La Loi (It, Fr, Bel)
Real. Alessandro Comodin

Tales of the Purple Horse (Leb, Iraq, Fr)
Real. Abbas Fahdel

Human Flesh Flowers (Germany, Fr)
Real. Helena Witteman

Il Pataffio (That, Bel)
Real. Francesco Lagui

Displaced material (Australia)
Real. Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Tommy guns (Port, France, Angola)
Real. Carlos Conceicao

Peep (All)
Real. Anne Oren

Street 34 (Br, Fr)
Real. Julia Murat

Fairy tale (Bel, Rus)
Real. Alexander Sokurov

Stella in love (fri)
Real. Sylvie Verheyde

stone turtle (Malay)
Real. Ming Jinwoo

Filmmakers of the Present (Cineasti del presente)

Arnold is a model student (Thai, Sing, Fr, Neth, Phil)
Real. Sorayos Prapapan

Astrakhan (fri)
Real. David Depesseville

Before I change my mind (Box)
Real. Trevor Anderson

Sister, what grows where the earth is sick (Neither)
Real. Franciska Eliassen

It’s night in America (It, Fr, Br)
Real. Ana Vaz

Pieces of Heaven (Mun, Fri)
Real. Adnane Baraka

love dog (Poland, Mexico, United States)
Real. Bianca Lucas

Matadero (Arg, Sp, Fr)
Real. Santiago Fillol

Our Lady of the Chinese Shop (Angola)
Real. Ery Claver

Small (fri)
Real. Julie Lerat-Gersant

Essence (Australia)
Real. Alena Lodkina

safe place (Croatia)
Real. Juraj Lerotic

night siren (Slo, Czech Republic)
Real. Tereza Nvotova

How is Kathy? (ukr)
Real. Christina Tynkevich