Day Shift by Jamie Foxx is a very entertaining vampire film!

Day Shift by Jamie Foxx is a very entertaining vampire film!

Netflix’s latest film Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco has hit the streaming service and fans are singing its praises.

Los Gatos, California – Fans reacted by Netflix last film Day Shift with Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco with nothing else to like!

Day Shift, a vampire comedy movie starring Jamie Foxx, is now streaming on Netflix. © IMAGO/NurPhoto

Vampires, A Secret Hunting Agency, Snoop Dogg, and more.

That’s what viewers can expect in the new comedic action flick starring Foxx.

The 54-year-old star continues his reign as Netflix frontman in Day Shift where Foxx plays Bud, an undercover vampire hunter looking to make ends meet.

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From the movie’s teaser, it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t going to be a stereotypical vampire movie.

The action sequences alone are compared to those of John Wick’s groundbreaking fight scenes.

Foxx, along with his costars’ screen time and the vicious vampires that roam the streets of Los Angeles, make Day Shift the craziest and most ridiculous vampire film to date.

But fans can’t get enough despite the overall mixed reviews from critics.

Jamie Foxx (l) and Snoop Dogg play vampire hunters Bud Jablonski and Big John Elliott in Netflix's Day Shift.

Jamie Foxx (l) and Snoop Dogg play vampire hunters Bud Jablonski and Big John Elliott in Netflix’s Day Shift. © IMAGO/MediaPunch

Vampire movies are often hit or miss, and rarely do most impress like iconic movies like Underworld or Fright Night.

Fortunately, Foxx’s latest action-thriller is on a path of its own. For starters, it’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

With the DO Double G and comedic talents like Dave Franco and Stranger Things star Eric Lange also leading the film, who would expect anything different?

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Only Franco is entertaining from the moment he debuts as an unwitting, touchy union representative who unfortunately has to keep tabs on Foxx’s character, Bud.

The film also has a lot of thrills and chills.

For starters, vampires in Day Shift apparently don’t die that easily.

While most critics might not be too keen on writing the latest action flick as the best vampire movie of all time, fans can’t help but rave about it on Twitter.

“#DayShift on Netflix is ​​a fun blue-collar vampire-hunting action horror movie with levels of John Wick action choreography and unique and very flexible vampires too,” said one fan. tweeted.

another user wrote“All of you who love a good action-horror comedy, you need a little #DayShift in your life. This movie rocks. Get it, JJ. Thanks again, 87eleven. I’m serious. Put immediately put it in your eyes. You will dig.

Day Shift is now streaming on Netflix!