Egyptian film ‘Souad’ shortlisted for British Independent Film Awards

Egyptian director Ayten Amin’s award-winning film ‘Souad’ was shortlisted among 19 feature films short-listed for the 2021 Best International Independent Film Award at the British Independent Film Awards. released in UK and Ireland via the British Film Institute (BFI).

Set in one of Egypt’s small towns in the Nile Delta, the film examines the intertwined lives of two teenage sisters, who navigate a maze of religious mandates and family expectations while balancing a secret relationship online. Exploring the tremendous impact of social media, the emotionally nuanced drama brings out the daily struggles teenage girls face in Egypt in an increasingly interconnected world.

Starring amateur actors Bassant Ahmed and Basmala El Ghaeish, the actors in the film are not professional actors – a choice Amin made to include characters with lived experiences similar to those in the film.

The ground-based drama garnered worldwide critical acclaim, caused a sensation at the Tribeca Festival, winning Best Actress, winning the Berlinale award at Panorama 2021, and making the 2020 official selection. In addition to screenings in the Kingdom United and Ireland, ‘Souad’ has premiered around the world in Canada, Portugal and the Netherlands.

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