Halloween Kills: fans react to Michael Myers’ bloody comeback

Halloween Kills killing Michael Myers’ bloody comeback?

Universal City, CA – Michael Myers is back, and the public and diehard fans weighed in to share their thoughts on the new release movie, Halloween kills.

James Jude Courtney reprized his role as Michael Myers / The Shape in Halloween Kills. © Imago / Prod.Db

Halloween Kills arrived just in time for the spooky season and was released on Friday for deadly anticipation.

However, there was a lot of skepticism about the continuation of the Halloween franchise – and rightly so.

After so many failed remakes and reboots, the sequel to the 2018 film has taken a heavy toll on his shoulders.

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Halloween kills did impressively at the box office, grossing over $ 50 million on its first weekend.

But is the latest slasher movie worth a look?

The most recent episode follows Michael Myers unsurprisingly surviving the fiery trap set by his traumatized survivor Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

As Laurie recovers from her injuries, Michael resumes his merciless killing. But this time, the people of Haddonfield finally decide enough is enough – and take matters into their own hands.

The horror film offers plenty of gory and nostalgic moments that will surely keep die-hard fans on the edge of their seats.

Halloween alumni Kyle Richards, Marion Chambers, and Charles Cyphers also successfully reprise their roles from the 1978 original, with newcomer Anthony Michael Hall reprising the character of Tommy Doyle.

The film lacks the weird, ghastly tone its predecessor was able to deliver – and also includes a few grin-worthy scenes that probably should have been cut.

But, it shows the real danger of the crowd mentality, and also attaches a pivotal theory to several years. Apparently, Michael Myers can’t die – despite being in his sixties or more.

As more and more viewers headed to the theater, fans have not held back their thoughts on the thrilling sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprized her role as traumatized survivor Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprized her role as traumatized survivor Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills. © imago / Collection of cinema publishers

Twitter and most of the internet were filled with hilarious reactions, tweets and memes over the weekend about the latest Halloween deal.

One user humorously cautioned against the film’s horrific violence by writing, “I regret to inform everyone that a lot of people were actually killed in the movie ‘Halloween Kills’.”

Others have accepted that the iconic “boogeyman” is probably impossible to kill. Some were even on his side.

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“I just saw Halloween murders and at this point I support Michael Myers,” one fan tweeted, accompanied by a Photo of a group of cheerleaders cheering on the fool.

All in all, if viewers are looking for a good time, give this movie a try. Just beware that Myers will live, unsurprisingly.

Halloween Kills is in theaters and streaming now on Peacock.