Horror Film Festival at Sea 2022: The Stomach of Alex Visani 2019

Like our remote coverage of the Horror Film Festival at Sea 2022 is rolling, we were aware of the insanely ultraviolent film of 2019, Stomach, and let’s just say it lives up to its name. Again, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and this one took me to the guts.

Stomach is a terrifying horror film written and directed by Alex Visani (born dead 2021). It stars Ingrid Monacelli (born dead 2021), Maurilio Breccolenti (The masters of the language 2009), Maddalena Ciotti (From Weg der Rose 2008) and Iwan Mazoni (born dead 2021), as well as newcomers Fabio Carlani, Lucrezia Calogero, Ornella Cerro, Fabio Furiosi, Diego Cianfriglia, Simone Frascarelli, Olmo Mazzoni, Marco Paparelli and Elisa Ucciolini.


A young man does his best to survive a cruel and vicious existence, constantly harassed and exploited by those around him. But something deep inside him is growing, something just waiting to be let go, something that needs to be nurtured. Can he stay in control and save his loved ones, or will hunger prevail in the end?

Stomach is a dark and twisted story about the evil that resides deep within the hearts of humanity. It’s cold, harsh and unforgiving, with excellent gore and very good camera work. The editing is fantastic, while the music lives up to the course.

However, there were a few areas that could use some tweaking, like the acting and the audio. Performance is excellent for the most part, but there are places where I was pulled out of the experience, losing my focus a bit. Also, the audio is a bit echo-heavy and hard to decipher in some places.

The lighting isn’t the best either, making it hard to tell what’s going on in certain scenes. I understand the intent of this – for special effects reasons and to add to the ambiance – but it could have benefited from a bit more backlighting. And, there isn’t much of a story, though the breakdown of the human psyche is still a fascinating subject, if done right, which this movie did.

Globally, Stomach is violent, brutal and sadistic as fuck. It’s a shit movie. It’s vicious, ruthless and extremely annoying. This movie isn’t for everyone, as it leans more towards extreme horror, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you have the stomach for it.