Kidderminster director wins three prestigious film awards

KIDDERMINSTER writer and director Sam Turner has won eight highly sought-after film awards at three UK amateur film festivals.

Point Five, a lighthearted short that tackles a number of real-life social issues with the ultimate message being that everyone should do their part to help the environment, won Best Comedy, Best Story, Diamond Award and 5 Stars Award at the British International Amateur Film Festival.

It also won Gold for Best Comedy at the Kings Cross Film Awards and successfully won Best Comedy, Best Director and Best Short Film at the Falcon International Film Festival.

The short which features real British characters in relatable situations with the overall semblance of gritty urban drama also won judges’ favorite in the Pinewood Studios Lift-Off competition and will be screened in Los Angeles next year, so – it’s going to Hollywood!

Sam Turner, 25, said: ‘I have worked through the difficult times of covid and multiple lockdowns to fund and bring this film to life so for it to be nominated, not to mention earning so much home movie awards is a huge testament to the hard work and dedication put into Point Five by myself and the entire team, not to mention those who donated to our fundraising campaign to make our dream a reality.

“Film is my biggest passion, so I’m on top of his recent accolades and feel really inspired for what’s to come, not only for Point Five and its Hollywood debut, but also for the next project at the helm. ‘horizon.”

Still early in his career, Sam has already produced a number of other award-winning shorts, including ‘Hush Hush’, which premiered at the second annual Brave Blackbird film festival in Wolverhampton.