Korean Embassy Opens 2022 Korean Film Festival

The opening of the 2022 Korean Film Festival was held on June 10-11 in Lebanon, attended by Korean Ambassador SE IL Park. The 2022 edition of the Korean Film Festival organized by the Korean Embassy in Lebanon, in collaboration with the Korea Foundation, screened two films “Juror 8” and “Luck-Key”. More than 180 people attended each screening.

During the inaugural ceremony held, Ambassador Park emphasized that the film industry is not only a contributor to the economy but a cultural bridge between Korea and the world. “Over the years, Korean films have been well received and loved by many people all over the world,” he said.

Ambassador Park added that due to its wide reach, Korean films have contributed to the popularization of Korean language, cuisine, music and tourism.

He expressed interest in finding out that despite the geographical distance, there are Korean culture clubs in Lebanon with thousands of members. “It’s proof that culture can transcend geography to bring people together,” he added.

The Korean Ambassador to Lebanon confirmed that a variety of cultural events will take place this year in Lebanon to further strengthen bilateral relations.

Below is the synopsis of the films:

Juror 8: Based on a real fact, the 8 juries render the first-ever verdict in Korea.

On the day of the first citizen participation trial, all media attention is focused on this first-ever jury trial in Korea’s legal history. awaits the unanimous vote of the 8 juries for “Guilty” to determine the conviction, these far too impassioned juries begin to overturn the case by raising questions that had never been asked in court.

Luck-Key: A hitman Hyung-wook, an infamous assassin known for his perfection, slips on soap in a public sauna and passes out. Jae-sung, an unknown actor who has hit rock bottom, witnesses the accident and swaps his locker key with Hyung-wook’s. Jae-sung opens the locker to find a luxury car key that leads him to a luxurious condo with all the wealth and secrets of a successful hitman.

On the other hand, Hyung-wook wakes up with amnesia. And the only clue he has to his identity is an unpaid bill.