Maine’s annual Red Hot Dog Festival is back and bigger than ever

Annual Maine Red Hot Dog Festival

Dog Day is back, baby!

Annual Maine Red Hot Dog Festival is back in the state for its 5th year of fun-filled red snappah. The dogs will draw people to downtown Dexter on August 13 for a day filled with events, food and activities.

The red snappers are a big deal for me and are apparently a big deal for my fellow Mainers too because the event is 9 HOURS from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and they expect to pack in between 5,000 and 7,000 people, depending a WGME article.

Dexter might be just under 2 hours drive from Portland, but I might be one of those 7,000 people who flock to dawgs. Lots going on: food and drink vendors, beer and wine tents, children’s activities, a 5K Bun-Run, Maine Cabin Masters stars and drum roll please …

Red hot dog eating contest

Sign. Me. At the top.

I’ve been in one hot dog eating contest in my life, except it was more personal than official. It was through a professional event when I worked at Toyota and it was between me and my managers. I won.

I would like to take my skills to the professional level and compete in a certified hot dog eating contest and this may be my chance. I’m going to take down at least 15 red snappers anyway, I may as well get some pride and purpose out of it.

To pump things up even more, there will also be four stages with live bands playing all day. This is going to be quite the event, as it should be! Mainers love our red snappers!!

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