Mask Deniers Get Cited + Chicago International Film Festival


Good Wednesday, Lake view! Let’s move on to the news for October 13.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Rather cloudy and warm. High: 70, low: 66.

Here are the best stories in Lakeview today:

1. The City of Chicago issued 10 citations to local businesses violating the state’s mask mandate. Of 87 companies inspected, five did not require masks and did not post appropriate signage on face covering requirements. (ABC7)

2. The Chicago International Film Festival kicks off today and will run through October 24 at various locations across the city, including Lakeview’s Music box theater. The selection for the opening night “The French Dispatch” is sold out but tickets are still available for “Halloween Kills” at 10pm (CIF)

3. Resident of Lakeview Matthieu hennessy had a front row seat for the viral “Cane Guy” Rob holtThe viral “magic” in the American League Division Series earlier this week. “It’s timeless: being passionate about baseball,” Hennesey said of Holt, who has been a Sox fan for over 60 years. (Block the club)

4. The nation’s leading infectious disease expert said families “can go out and enjoy” Halloween this year. Dr Anthony Fauci say it CNN this week that the outlook is good for families vaccinated to celebrate the holiday season together this year. (WBEZ)

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Lakeview patch book

  • Lincoln Park Zoo members will have special access to ZooLights this holiday season. (Facebook)
  • Lakeview Anne Sather made Urban matterThe list of the best omelets in Chicago. (Urban matter)
  • A new Dr. Seuss experience has opened at Water tower square. (Paid source: Tribune)
  • Complete library will virtually host a “Life Sciences” book event tonight. (UB)
  • Theater critic Hedy weiss recommends three new musical productions in Chicago in October. (WTTW)

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