Mid-January keeps us home with more flow

A variety of entertainment offerings to warm us up on those cold winter days

Through Byron Toben

January 20, 2022

Well folks, we’re here in mid-January and live theater is still waiting for the times to change, but until they do, at least we’ve got several “streamers” to occupy our time.

In about ten days, the one I’m most looking forward to, which ranges from January 27 to 31 broadcast from Segal Center main stage, is…

yidlife life crisis: pandemic

In 2014, Montrealers Jaime Elman and Eli Battalion launches its web series yidlife life crisis in Yiddish and English. It has since grown to 3 million viewers worldwide. They now live in California but are returning to Montreal to perform their latest timely show Pandemic to deal with their view of the current pandemic that you may have heard of.

Yidlife Crisis stars Jaimie Elman and Eli Batalion – Image: yidlifecrisis.com

Originally put live, in the flesh (in the flesh) from January 22 to 30, it is now limited to streaming only from the main stage of the Segal Center. Presented as an “Omicromedy” you can watch on your couch, with a mix of comedy, music and video. English subtitles are provided for colorful Yiddish expressions.

A free virtual Sunday at the Segal information panel moderated by regular CJAD hosts Sarah Deshaies is planned for Sunday January 23 at 11 o’clock.

Pandemic tickets are $18 CDN and $36 CDN for a household.


Here are some other recent and upcoming streams…

January 13 to 16

the Segal Center is resourceful at getting things done even when in-person events are on and off. Attend the four-day presentation, in conjunction with Toronto’s musical stage company of…

Discovery: the music of Dolly Parton

This “digital experience” is a kind of biopic of the legendary country and pop artist Dolly Rebecca Parton (still strong at 75). Six talented Canadian singers, backed by six excellent instrumentalists, perform twelve of Dolly’s most famous songs (nine written by herself), all linked by related text. The singers were Jully Black, Beau Dixon, Sara Farb, Hailey Gillis, Kelly Holiff and Andrew Penner. They each have impressive resumes and awards.

Discovery: the music of Dolly Parton

Discovery: The music of Dolly Parton – Image: Dahlia Katz

Although that show has since ended, you can see free videos of Dolly herself making most of these selections. I was happy to mention 9 to 5, Coat of Many Colors, Islands in the Stream, I will always love you, Jolene and Tennessee Mountain House.

Let me know if you get the other six – Here I am, you come back, Joshua, light of a clear blue morning, Muleskinner Bluesand Two doors down.

January 17

This eventful day marked two notable events:

martin luther king day

The third Thursday of each January was designated as a United States federal holiday in 1983 to celebrate the birth of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929. This tireless fighter for nonviolent action to ensure fair voting rights was assassinated in 1968.

Most famous for the massive 1963 March on Washington and the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, he was honored with a 15-cent postage stamp in 1979 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. that all US states now recognize the federal holiday, two – Alabama and Mississippi – hold it in conjunction with honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

On January 17 this year, the torch passed as MLK’s 13-year-old granddaughter urges passage of the current Voting Rights Bill on the steps of the capital.

The legacy of Raoul Wallenberg

Also on January 17, the Canadian B’nai Brith sponsored a video on The legacy of Raoul Wallenberg. Presented by the former Attorney General of Canada and internationally renowned civil rights lawyer Irwin Cotlerthe centerpiece is a new documentary film about Wallenberg, a scion of the powerful Swedish family who, as the youngest foreign lawyer in Hungary in 1944, saved an estimated 100,000 Hungarian Jewish lives from extermination by Nazi occupiers in their granting Swedish citizenship documents and arranging for shelter and transport.

Elderly survivors, now Canadians, appear in the film. For these good works, he was nicknamed “The Angel of Budapest” and later became the first foreigner to obtain honorary Canadian citizenship.

Alas, with the Soviet takeover in 1945, he was imprisoned in Moscow, and joint Swedish and Canadian efforts to document what happened to him were met with denials and delays.


January 19 to 29

fox seeker

Imago Theaterthe last show, fox finder, scheduled for live performances at MAI, has just been postponed until circumstances permit live performances again. When it does, most of its dates are in French, but those who prefer English can watch three dates to be announced later.

The screenplay is by the award-winning British playwright dawn kingand it deals with a dystopian future of crop failure due to climate change.


Sundance Film Festival

Image: Travis Wise, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

January 20 to 30

Sundance Film Festival by Robert Redford

Founded in 1978 in Utah, the Sundance Film Festival became a major force in the introduction of independent films. In 2021, the festival was forced to go 100% virtual. The 2022 festival, planned to be ‘hybrid’, has now announced that it too will go fully virtual.

Also, my quick analysis indicates that most viewers are limited to US viewers. At US$20 per movie, non-refundable, that seems a bit rich for Canadian viewers. Still, it’s worth checking out their press release to get an idea of ​​what kinds of movies are coming. rolling stone magazine has chosen to offer 22.

Nostalgia fans might appreciate Lucy and Desithe couple (Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz) that revolutionized television programming.


January 22 to February 19

15th Annual Israeli and Jewish Film Festival

the Jewish Public Library hosts its 15th Annual Israeli and Jewish Film Festival featuring five movies all airing at 7:30 p.m. ET at $10 CDN per movie or $40 for an all-inclusive pass.

Here is the program :
January 22 – Neighbors (Swiss/French production)
January 29 – Forgiveness (Israel)
February 5 – voice of gold (Israel)
12 February – Greener pastures (Israel)
February 19 – Persian lesson (German/Russian production)


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