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Yes, today’s announcement of the movie to play at the Tell Ride Film Festival, Many of the usual suspects found on the Fall Fest circuit, from Thursday through Labor Day, have emerged, drawing attention to their hot outlook at the Oscars. Netflix has several movies, as does Amazon. Focus, Warner Bros, Searchlight, Neon, A24, Sony Classics and more are also there along with some key insights.

But perhaps most surprisingly, National Geographic leads the pack with four 2021 documentaries at the world premiere in Telluride. NOT. It’s been five years and the festival had another (big) one, which I will detail provisionally.

When I recently had lunch and previewed the five films on Natsio’s impressive roster this year, as well as global script content and National Geographic’s EVP documentary film Carolyn Bernstein, she Before To praise the forces of the slate, I first pointed out how far they needed to get to Tellride in this group of films, and help determine how the films will be distributed. , Revealed specific strategies related to hiring an audience of moviegoers and moviegoers as a sort of testing lab. This is the first year that filmmakers and studios have to decide whether they are specifically for theater or television debuts. Pick an Oscar or an Emmy.

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” This is what we do. We now have an idea of ​​what we think makes sense. An idea that is probably the backbone of Emmy or Oscar. There’s “Bernstein told me when I asked for a plan. “But we’re really waiting to see what goes in front of the public for the first time at Tellride. It’s even very exciting to think. I have watched these films 5,000 times. They still move me. They make me cry. But so I know what moves me. I know, and I love all of these movies, but we put them in front of the audience and see what happens. I have ideas. They can change. They can change depending on what kind of reaction or reception you get, but (finally) will get a lot of viewers across the world with Disney +. “

Tell Ride Film Festival

Like Bernstein, Courtney Monroe, who oversees content as President and CEO of National Geographic Global Networks, is proud of all the accomplishments of the season and happy to make her Telluride debut. “In many ways, National Geographic Documentary Film The Banner is only in its infancy and this is only the fifth round of awards. This is why inviting four films to the famous Telluride Film Festival is particularly humble and exciting for us. [along with Toronto, London and many others].. This year’s list of films goes beyond telluride and we are partnering with Chai Vasalheli and Jimmy Chin, Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan, Matt Heinemann, Jonathan Chin and Simon Chin. It comes from a group of powerful filmmakers who are very honored to do so. We’re also proud to be able to make a film with our first director, Max Rowe. Torn up.. Overall, our slate perfectly embodies what we are aiming for. Working with the best creative talent, empowering new voices and using the power of storytelling to deepen understanding of people’s world, ”she told Deadline.

The movie she mentions (some ended in a rush before the premiere deadline, but I’m watching everything now) will hit Telluride all weekend, extraordinary. Includes stuff Become Cousteau A legendary marine explorer and filmmaker who never called his film an adventure rather than a documentary by seasoned director Liz Garbus and her husband and partner producer Dan Cogan. I am registering a person. Bernstein calls it a “four quadrant movie,” and Natsio works with cast veterans Bob Berney and Jean Barney, and their Picturehouse singles to bring them to the theater. Galbus and Cogan are also executive producers Fouché, biodoc, this first trailer on Deadline Focusing on Dr Anthony Fauci yesterday, he covered his life in medicine, including the AIDS crisis, right up to his important role during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Directed by John Hoffman and Janet Tobias. It will actually arrive in cities and theaters selected in the vaccine requirements (via Magnolia) on September 10.

Perhaps in many ways the most notable, especially for footage you’ve never seen before, is rescue, latest Free solo Oscar winners Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chaiva Threrry. Features a fascinating interview with a key actor and gives you incredible access to every step of the way to rescue the 2018 Thai soccer team trapped in a cave that was inaccessible for two weeks. Finally, there is the story of the gut-damaging clan mentioned above. Torn up From the first filmmaker Max Rowe to use the medium to explore the tragic death of his climber father, who was buried in the Himiraya Avalanche 17 years ago. It’s so much more than any other mountaineering story, but it’s a complex family story with an incredible twist along the way. It’s from the Lightbox and the Chinn brothers associated with NatGeo.

Arguably this release is the result of a painstaking and painstaking construction process at Natsio to expand his functional documentary ambitions, following their Oscar winning success. Free Solo (Before the TV Academy changed its eligibility rules to block Oscar-winning films, it won seven Emmy Awards when such a double play was possible, and a highly acclaimed nominee. Cave. And Telluride, felt by the leaders of Nat Geo, gives them an entrance, but in reality the countdown has a direct impact on the decision to go there with such power this year. To give.

Nat Geo

“To be honest, a lot of them were related to the timing of Covid. Some of them are still posted and we are doing it. You know it would have been good. to augment Become Cousteau There was a premiere in Cannes, but it wasn’t. I think it was good, but it wasn’t over yet, ”Bernstein lamented. “That means the track will be shorter from an awards point of view, but I don’t know how excited all the Nat Geos and all the filmmakers are at Telluride. It’s a really special feeling, it would be a great companion, and it wasn’t really quite by design. Some were by design. Some were the timing of Covid, the delays, as you know, here. I have 4 movies so it’s very exciting and I’ve never been to Telluride. “

“bring help”
Nat Geo

To give an example of how they slightly beat the clock, Bernstein rescue. “”It was very difficult for us to go to Thailand during Covid, including the quarantine and border closures. Chai managed to do it. She had to quarantine herself for two weeks, but she entered Thailand, and that’s why the movie is a bit late, we’re competing to do it. Perhaps two months ago, they discovered that a treasure trove of images that only Thais had, a Thai military colonel, someone working at Thai PBS and Navy Seal’s wife, had all shot these images on the rescue site. Made. There was an additional video of the boy that has yet to be released widely. There is a famous still image of a boy when our diver passed them, but no one is watching the video. It’s not open to the public, ”she explained of incorporating all of this into the finished film when it was discovered.

Torn up
“Torn up”
Nat Geo

Free solo It actually premiered at Telluride in 2018, a month before Bernstein picked up the documentation again in October of that year, and the work she says certainly has its benefits. “It’s a lot of fun running a business where you’re in the inbound business, you know? I have held many positions in the field of outgoing calls. It’s a completely different thing. It’s a ball game. (Tellride co-manager) I met Julie Huntsinger for the first time. I think she’s great, but when I met her she told me, this year Nat the Tellride Film Festival. She said she should rename it to Geotel Ride Film Festival. I think it’s a great idea, ”Bernstein said with a laugh. “I think she really appreciates the human values ​​in all of these films.”

First wave
“First wave”
Hampton Film Festival

Another movie that Natsio wanted to bring to Telluride was directed by Matthew Heineman (Ghost City, Cartel Land, Private War) Miserable, devastating, emotionally powerful First wave, It takes viewers to a New York hospital overwhelmed by the early days of the Covid pandemic from March to June 2020, and also incorporates a parallel tragedy and protests over the death of George Floyd. Focusing on the fierce battle for the survival of some patients, but those who have died fighting a deadly disease, and those brave doctors, nurses and staff who are fighting at all. Do not hesitate to show any damage Personal costs to save lives. However, Telluride, like many other entities, was canceled last year due to a pandemic and is taking a lot of precautions and safety measures this year as it takes place this week. And while the pandemic is evident in some of the other films that appear there (Fouché, Peter hurdles Same storm), This film that too Sadly, Bernstein surmised that he may have felt “too upset and too worried” about this situation. Instead, it will serve as the world premiere on opening night on October 7 at the Hamptons Film Festival in New York City, where this wonderful documentary takes place.


About their film Will Bernstein in Telluride is truly grateful that Hunt Singer provided such a prestigious showcase for Natsio.

“Others have had exactly the reaction we dreamed of to really understand and assess the value of the film and the theme of the film. This is what you know. So we share a lot of things in common. We talk to NatGeo, among other things, about the content needed to better understand the world and their role in it. It’s kind of a high. It’s a goal, ”she said. “I also want to make a commercial film. I want to make a movie with fantastic characters, big, complex, oversized characters. Telluride is kind of a dream, I think there is a lot to be gained from these movies so I can’t wait to put them in front of real audiences. People are impressed. Stay away from stories with a lot of emotional content Absolutely not. “

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