New York Festivals 2022 TV & Film Awards Shortlist Announced

the 2022 New York Festivals Television and Film Awards competition unveiled its shortlist in 14 category groups. “Engaging film and TV entries” created by filmmakers and storytellers from 42 countries were judged online by the grand jury of the 2022 TV & Film Awards.

Shortlisted entries include content from around the world in primetime entertainment, documentaries, investigative journalism, sports coverage, promotions, streaming media and branding films.

The 2022 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards and WaterBear Network will partner to launch an exclusive new award – the WaterBear Award, recognizing the highest scoring documentary across the world. Climate change and sustainability, Environment & Ecologyand Nature & Wildlife categories. WaterBear Network CEO Ellen Windemuth, TV and Film Awards Advisory Board and Executive Producer of My Octopus Teacher will select the winner of this new award.

All entries for the 2022 competition were judged online and screened by the NYF TV & Film Awards Grand Jury comprised of more than 200 producers, directors, writers and other creative media professionals from around the world.

The winning entries and the WaterBear Prize will be announced at the 2022 New York Festivals Storytelling Gala virtual event taking place on April 26. at 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Winning films will be featured in the TV & Film Awards Winners Gallery.

Check out the 2022 shortlist.