New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2022 Shortlisted for Documentary “Lebanon, Between Two Evils”

The 2022 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards received entries from dozens of countries around the world in 14 category groups, including films, news programs, documentaries, and more.

Since 1957, the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards have honored the best films and television content, ranging from major international broadcasters to emerging talent in the television and film industry.

In addition to the shortlisted documentaries from different countries, TRT World’s documentary “Lebanon, Between Two Evils”, received a finalist certificate in the Documentary category, for national affairs and social issues.

The documentary looks at the increase in violence in Lebanon due to poverty, which is said to build a “perfect scenario” for gangs.

Part of TRT World’s “Off the Grid” series meet and chat with people who are part of the “mafias”.

“Lebanon, Between Two Evils” explores how Lebanon, which was once described as the Switzerland of the Middle East, now lacks the necessities to survive.

The documentary also focuses on how the war in Syria has only worsened the situation in Lebanon.

“But one commodity is widely available: weapons. We explore how rising poverty has led to rising violence in a country where life is getting harder day by day,” TRT World said of the documentary.

You can watch “Lebanon, Between Two Evils” below where you can hear who appears to be an arms dealer saying, “Everyone is buying. There is no house in Lebanon without arms.

“Even respectable businessmen and wealthy people come to buy weapons,” he added.

It is an alarming statement that shows that this is not just a situation of gang formation due to poverty, but rather the fear and instability that inhabit the people of the crisis-ridden country. , poor governance and political tensions.