Peterborough University and College students win film awards

Peterborough University Center students showcase their work in their first-ever student film showcase in partnership with the Gateway Film Festival.

On November 8, the red carpet was rolled out for creative students at Peterborough College and UCP as well as family, friends and members of the creative community.

Of the 14 shortlisted entries, three students from Peterborough College walked away from the ceremony with awards.

A range of creative films were screened that evening, including music videos, documentaries and short films.

Lily Izzo, Riley Edmett and Jack Lewis were voted winners by local filmmakers Jay Gearing of Red 7 Productions, Judi Alston of One to One Development Trust and Gateway Film Festival runner Emily Steele.

Peterborough Matters: Student Showcase Gateway Film Festival judges Emily Steele, Judi Alston and Jay Gearing alongside the winners.The Student Showcase Gateway Film Festival judges Emily Steele, Judi Alston and Jay Gearing alongside the winners. (Image: Peterborough University Centre)

Lily won her award for her music video titled ‘Everything Will End In Tears’ which highlighted the negative effects of social media on young people who use it.

Riley’s winning documentary ‘Let the music play’ was a favorite of the judges as they weighed in on the feeling of uncertainty around the future of the live music industry post-Covid pandemic.

Finally, Jack won Best Short Film with an experimental piece that “pushed all the boundaries of cinema.”

Emily said: “The student work was amazing, we saw 14 amazing and varied films ranging from fiction, documentary and music videos.

“It was really difficult for us to choose the winners and we finally chose the films we awarded based on their creativity and technical achievements.

“The event took place in such a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere and the students are a credit to the brilliant teaching of Peterborough College and UCP. Thank you to all the staff and students who participated in the event.”

Rachel Pishhorn, Head of the Media Production and Journalism Degree Program at UCP, said: “We were delighted to host our first-ever showcase of student films as part of the Gateway Film Festival, and our students were so delighted to see their films projected on the big screen.

“They should all be very proud of what they’ve accomplished, and I hope we can host more events like this to allow for more collaboration between creatives in the community.”

The winning films, as well as those that have been shortlisted, will be featured on our student blog at