Rockford, Ill. Man finally gets his chance to be in danger

A lot has happened since Alex Trebek signed Danger! for the last time before succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

America’s Favorite Quiz Show® has seen several hosts asking questions about people much smarter than most of us, including Mayim Bialik, Mike Richards, Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, LeVar Burton, and Ken Jennings.

Things got even stranger for Danger! when Mike Richards, the show’s executive producer, was announced. All manner of drama hit the fan when Richards made sexist comments on a Podcast.

Aside from the drama, a Danger! fan from Rockford, Ill. finally got his chance to appear on the show as a nominee. The episode, hosted by Ken Jennings, aired on Thanksgiving night, according to the show’s official YouTube channel.

Ged Trias auditioned twice for the show, according to local information report, and hearing number one didn’t work. Fortunately for Trias, he didn’t give up.

His second attempt earned him a spot on the show, which he learned about on his birthday.

It’s a million times different than sitting at home yelling your answers on TV.

The hearing process for Danger! involves multiple tests and auditions, it can be exhausting. (That’s just what I heard, there’s no way I’m auditioning for this show.)


In the decades that I have watched the show, I have already responded correctly to a series of Last danger!. The same goes for the episode starring Ged Trias, a resident of Rockford, Illinois.

My guess was “Don’t take no for an answer” and I was far away. What was Ged’s guess?

Cue the buzzer, this assumption is incorrect. The answer is in the video below.

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