senna: Senna Hegde’s film wins grand prize at Kerala State Film Awards | Kannada movie news


Senna Hegde is a happy man. For someone whose film hasn’t even had an official theatrical release, his latest, Thinkalazcha Nischayam, has won big accolades, sparking curiosity about the film.

Senna, who previously directed Katheyondu Shuruvagide in Kannada, chose to make his second directorial release in Malayalam. “The film is based in Kanhangad where I grew up and where I now live. Talking about the characters that I know and that I have experienced came most naturally, ”Senna shares.

Thinkalazcha Nischayam is a slice of life comedy that features events that occur just prior to a family engagement. “Relatives and extended family members come for the function and during it their dynamics and interpersonal relationships are revealed, creating some hilarious moments,” Senna points out.

The film had previously been chosen for the Kerala International Film Festival and the latest laurel to come to Senna are the two grand prizes at the 51st Kerala State Film Awards. Thinkalazcha Nischayam won second best picture and best story.

The film mainly stars newcomers and is entirely in Kanhangad slang. It was supported by Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah and the cinematography is by Sreeraj Raveendran.


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