“Seven prisoners” – Critique of the Venice Film Festival – Deadline

Imprisoned teenager tries to escape 7 prisoners, Netflix Powerful addition of the Horizons Extra category at the Venice Film Festival. However, 18-year-old Mateus (Christian Marheiros) is not in a traditional prison. It’s a new boss, Luka, in a junkyard in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Rodrigo Santoro), locks him and his colleagues in a complex place, plays mind games and demands time. Some people try to do it, but Mateus impresses his boss and develops a strategy of becoming his right hand man. But does the plan work or is it sucked on the other side of the traffic?

This is a big premise of the director. Alexander Morat, co-wrote the screenplay with Thayná Mantesso. The writers take the time to establish a character and present Mateus as an ambitious young man who is enthusiastic about sending money to a rural family before heading to the bigger ones. He is also subtly aware that his colleagues are illiterate and tries to help them, in principle and in kindness.

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But this natural leader will make some tough choices to make in a tense drama with thriller elements. Much of the tension is in the Luka scene. Santoro will perform in childbirth as a man who has been shown to love and support his family while being a villain. There are fortuitous similarities to the Venice competition film. Rakaha / The BoxThis shows the ruthless decision Luke made to take care of herself. It’s a dog-eating dog world, and it seems like there’s no limit to how long Luka can survive.

The settings are very precise and dark, but part of the dynamics 7 prisoners It has universal relevance. The boss uses his power to intimidate workers, and when a staff member gets smarter, he becomes both threatening and opportunistic. When this man is promoted, jealousy wins and loyalty is lost.

Maruheiros excels as a compassionate hero, Mateus, who shares a common stance with the character of Tim Robbins. In the sky of the hock show.. He is a wise man, imprisoned by accident, who must strategize and play long games to have any hope of escape. Of course, the danger of waiting for Mateus is even greater. Luke has a gun and knows exactly where the entire slave labor family lives. He has managed to keep them in tune with one thing everyone is interested in: the threat of destroying his family. Money and food may be a necessity, but family provides the motivation.

Brazilian-American filmmaker Morat brilliantly demonstrated his instinctive understanding of the low-income community in Brazil. Socrates, Was selected as a finalist for the official entry to the Oscars in Brazil. 7 prisoners It solidifies him as a talented filmmaker who tells important stories in the region – and it’s as fascinating as it is cruel and educational.

“Seven prisoners” – Critique of the Venice Film Festival – Deadline

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