Six Picks Academy Award Predictions – Which is your pick to win?

With the Oscars approaching on Sunday, it’s time to pick our favorites at the annual awards show. Without a doubt, it’s a competitive field this year with no obvious favorites in many major categories. Check out our picks and share your favorites on Facebook.

Best picture: There seem to be three favorites in contention this year, The Power of the Dog, Belfast and CODA. No question, power of the dog is Oscar-worthy in so many ways, and I expect Jane Campion to win Best Director, but I choose VSODA For victory. The feel-good film about the daughter of deaf parents who becomes a singer is a realistic and moving portrayal. It’s also a New England movie, and Hollywood loves those Boston accents! Prediction: VSODA win the big one.

Best Director: As mentioned above, I’m going with Jane Campion for her stunning western drama The power of the dog. The film, Campion’s first in 11 years, is a film clinic. There’s stiff competition, including Stephen Spielberg and Kenneth Branaugh, but Campion, with several solid films behind her, should win this year. Prediction: Jane Campion.

Best Actress: This is the most open major category this year with several leading ladies competing. Jessica Chastain is the favorite for her role in Tammy Faye’s eyes, but it’s a tight field. Nicole Kidman was strong in Be the Ricardos and I really liked Kristin Stewart in her disturbing role of Princess Diana in spencer. I leave with surprise… Prediction: Kristin Stewart.

Best actor: Fantastic performances in this category with Will Smith in King Rickhard, playing the obsessed father of tennis greats Serena and favorite Venus Williams. He will be hard to beat, although I think Benedict Cumberbatch had an equally good performance in The power of the dog. Prediction: I bet with Smith (51%) on Cuberbatch (49%) for victory!

Better supportActress of the series: Everyone chooses Ariana DeBose for her performance in West Side Story, and without a doubt, she was fantastic in every way. She will be hard to beat. I thought Kirsten Dunst was just as strong in The power of the dog, and she also deserves praise. Prediction: DeBose for the victory!

Best Supporting Actor: Some interesting choices in this category including Jesse Plemons in The power of the dog and Ciaran Hinds in Belfasyoubut the nod must go to Troy Katsur for his endearing role in VSODA. His reaction to his daughter Ruby, played by Emilia Jones, singing “All That I Need to Get By,” is as emotional as anything on film. Prediction: Troy Kotsur.

Watch the Oscars Sunday night starting at 8 p.m. on ABC.