Sundance Institute Announces 2022 Documentary Fund Recipients

The Sundance Institute announced this year’s recipients for the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, with a total of $1,396,500 in unrestricted grants awarded to 35 projects.

“As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the DFP, it is an exceptional achievement that Sundance has been able to provide documentary filmmakers with strong and sustained financial support, from development to post-production, for two decades,” said Carrie Lozano. , director of the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program. “Thanks to our incredible funders, supporters, staff and external reviewers, the Documentary Fund has been able to achieve its top priorities during a tumultuous time: supporting underrepresented stories, directors and producers; provide much-needed resources for urgent international projects; and elevate human rights and social, civic and environmental justice, while showcasing bold and artistic approaches. I am constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of our beneficiaries.

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This year’s grant recipients have roots in 31 countries, with 57% of submissions coming from outside the United States. Among the 14 American films awarded this year, the projects are directed by at least one BIPOC director and/or senior producer, while two of these projects are directed by Indigenous filmmakers. This round includes 35 projects, with five in development, 15 in production, 10 in post-production and five currently pursuing public engagement and social impact campaigns.

“With growing opposition to human rights and freedom of expression around the world, it is more imperative than ever that we continue to provide resources to independent artists at all stages of their careers, elevating the stories and marginalized perspectives from development to impact,” said Paola Mottura, Director of the Documentary Film Fund. “Our grantees tell culturally significant stories that will help shift global narratives and effect real change, and it’s a privilege to weave these independent stories into the fabric of the Sundance community.”

Here are the 2022 Sundance Institute Literature Fund recipients:

“Flying cows”, dir. Vahagn Khachatryan and Aren Malakyran, prod. Jia Zhao, Khachatryan and Kamee Abrahamyan

“Imago”, dir. Denial Oumar Pitsaïev, prod. Alexandra Melot

“Oaklead”, dir. and production Alex J. Bledsoe

“The two mountains weigh on my chest”, dir. Viv Li, prod. Daniela Dieterich and Erik Winker

“Vintage or violence”, dir. Nikissi Serumaga-Jamo, prod. Lesedi Oluko Moche

“Concrete Earth”, dir. Asmahan Bkerat, prod. Sahar Yousefi

“For Venida, for Kalief”, dir. and production Sisa Bueno

“Here the silence is heard”, dir. and production Gabriela Pena and Picho Garcia

“In Your Shadow”, dir. Thabi Mooi and Tom Fassaert, prod. Renko Twelve and Hasse van Nunen

“Matabeleland”, dir. Nyasha Kadandara, prod. Sam Soko and Bob Moore

“Matinino”, dir. Gabriela Diaz Arp, prod. Karla Claudio Betancourt and Tatiana Monge Herrera

“Night Fight”, dir. Khary Saeed Jones, prod. Jones and Kendra Taira Field

“Por Arte De Magia / Like Magic”, dir. Melissa Saavedra-Gil, prod. Maritza Blanco Ruano

“Queendom”, (Photo) real. Agniia Galdanova, prod. Igor Myakotin and Galdanova

“Flight of Fire”, dir. Amer Shomali, prod. Ina Fichman and Rashid Abdelhamid

“The Disappearance”, dir. Rama Thiaw, prod. Thiaw, Yanis Gaye, Jean-Laurent Csnidis, Vadim Jendreyko, Marie Schmidt Olesen

“Document on Jewish abortion without title”, dir. Paula Eiselt, prod. Darcy McKinnon

“Untitled Kenyan Policy Project”, dir. and production Christopher King and Maia Lekow

“Untitled union documentary”, dir. Stephen Maing and Brett Story, prod. Samantha Curley and Mars Verrone

“Untitled Documentary on Residential Schools”, dir. Emily Kassie and Julian Brave NoiseCast, prod. Kassie and Kellen Quinn

“Delikado”, dir. Karl Malakunas, prod. Michael Collins, Marty Syjuco, Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala

“Fire through dry glass”, dir. Alexis Neophytides and Andres “Jay” Molina, prod. Jennilie Brewster and the Neophytides

“Lakota Nation vs. United States”, dir. Jesse Short Bull and Laura Tomaselli, prod. Benjamin Hedin and Phil Pinto

“American May”, dir. and production Kevin Truong

“Rejeito”, dir. Pedro de Filippis, prod. Leonardo Mecchi, Bronte Stahl and Tarsila Nakmura

“Stronger Together”, dir. Tania Claudia Castillo, prod. Gabriela Gavica, Carlos Hernandez

“Testament”, dir. Meena Nanji and Zippy Kimundu, prod. Nanji, Kimundu and Eliane Ferreira

“The Untitled Baltimore Documentary Project”, dir. Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough, prod. Dawne Langford and Goodenough

“Untitled”, dir. Nishtha Jain and Akash Basumatari, prod. Jain Valérie Montmartin and Torstein Grude Ruwe Yuxinawá

“Xixi”, dir. Fan Wu, prod. Wu, Venice Atienza and Sona Jo

“Black Mothers Love and Resist”, dir. Debora Souza Silva, prod. Silva, David Felix Sutcliffe, Adina Luo

“Hollow tree”, dir. Kira Akerman, prod. Monique Walton and Chachi Hauser

“Raving the Place de la Liberté”, dir. Katja Esson, prod. Esson, Ann Bennett, Corinna Sager and Ronald Baez

“The Territory”, dir. Alex Pritz, prod. Gabriel Uchida, Will N. Miller, Lizzie Gillett, Sigrid Dyekjaer and Darren Aronofsky

“Tiger Gente”, dir. Elizabeth Unger, prod. Unger and Joanna Natasegara

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