The 2022 Route 66 Film Festival event goes beyond its Springfield, Illinois area via Film Festival Flix

From November 4 to 14, viewers around the world will be able to stream the 41 films in the line-up, savoring the pleasures of internationally produced independent films.

For the third consecutive year, Film Festival Flix brings together the Route 66 Film Festival in the world through their Virtual Venue solution. From November 4 to 14, viewers around the world will be able to stream the 41 films in the line-up (5 feature films and 36 short films), savoring the pleasures of internationally produced independent films offered by the entirely virtual event of This year.

The Festival’s Opening Night Film is the new feature documentary Tipping point, directed by Jon Meyer. This follows numerous 2020 street protests based in Portland, Oregon, which began during the national race reckoning following the high-profile killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

After stops at the Wyoming International Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival, director Emma Thatcher’s feature debut Provo lands on Route 66 as this year’s closing night movie. Traveling to see her bedridden and separated father before his impending death, a recovering drug addict grapples with a legacy of fatherly abuse and his Mormon upbringing, all in the name of overcoming trauma.

2022 Route 66 Film Festival Highlights


Tormented and alone, Peio lives in hiding in Brazil. The unexpected appearance of his teenage son, whom he did not know about, pushes him to rethink his life, which represents a challenge for him since he does not know him and does not want to assume the role of father.

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour

After landing a gig at a marshmallow theme park, a cameraman uncovers the shocking truth about America’s candy country and his own sugar-coated childhood.

Ordinary creatures

Martha and Alex are on the road. They drive an antique red car through a somewhat less than stunning landscape that stretches between Lower Austria and the Czech Republic with no definite destination. A surrealist movement ostensibly limits just for itself. Seldom have such impassive sensitivities had a stronger allure.

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The virtual edition of the Route 66 Film Festival 2022 will be broadcast worldwide.

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