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Notre-Dame Student Film Festival

The Department of Cinema, Television and Theater (FTT) of the University of Notre Dame presents the 33rd Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival, at Browning Cinema at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center January 21-23.

An annual launching pad for student filmmakers starting their careers in the film, television and entertainment industries, the Notre Dame Student Film Festival screens films made by undergraduates over the past year in as class projects at the Department of Film, Television and Theater. Like during the last years, after each screening viewers will be invited to vote for their favorite movie by text message. The Audience Prize will be awarded to the student director (s) of the winning film after the final screening.

We are delighted to welcome audiences back to the Notre Dame Student Film Festival, ”said festival founder and FTT faculty member Ted Mandell. “It’s always been a showcase for wonderful student films, but it’s also traditionally a community event. The last year has been tough in many ways, but it will be fun to rekindle the atmosphere of the January student film festival that we have been used to for 33 years.

The festival presented the first films of award-winning future filmmakers such as Peter Richardson (winner of the Grand Jury of the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, How to die in Oregon) and John Hibey (winner of the 2012 Sundance Film Jury Prize for Short Film, Fishing without nets), as well as many others. It has served as a springboard to successful careers in all aspects of the industry, where ND Student Film Festival alumni have worked on everything from Saturday Night Live at La La Land. “Many films from past festivals have also been selected for national and international film festivals.

The films presented at the Notre Dame Student Film Festival 2022:

“Checkout(Chase Cummings, Ryan Lanser, John Adkins)
Put one thing. Then cha-ching.

“Eddy’s Garden»(Grant DelVecchio, Yiyi Niu, Litchfield Ajavon)
There is a detached house in the center of Eddy Street Commons… and its owner is perfectly happy to be staying there.

“Living the nightmare” (Kiki Carney, Briana Avila)
A young man in his twenties in difficulty finds himself in immersion therapy.

“Cyrus“(Ivan Skvaril, Ted Nagy)
A former professional surfer and vanlife influencer comes off the grid.

“Hang the man“(John Adkins)
The nervousness of hearing leads to a connection.

“Anyone Can Win“(Scott Kiley, Colin Campbell)
Relentless cooking.

“Save Sister Cindy»(Joël Mandell, Sam Eppich)
TikTok turns a street preacher who shames bitches into a college campus rockstar.

“Reverie“(Ella Mylod)
How lonely would you say you are?

“Carcosa“(Justin George, Sam Eppich)
Do not open this Amazon Prime package.

“The Ismailzais“(Peter Nichols, Nate Robards)
A family of Afghan refugees begins a new life in Austin, Texas.

“Head of the box“(Charles Ivancic, Nate Robards)
No matter what face you put on it, the daily routine is 24×18.

“Foss“(Creighton Dolezal, Joseph Fabiano)
A basketball court sits atop a pizzeria in Woodstock, Illinois. The owner of both was set to make the US Olympic basketball team in 1996.

“Puppy love“(Lizzie Todd, Peter Nichols)
Art imitates life at a college party.

Screenings, lasting approximately 100 minutes, will be offered at 6.30 p.m. on January 21 (Friday) and January 22 (Saturday) and at 7 p.m. on January 23 (Sunday). The Audience Prize will be awarded after the Sunday screening. Some movies contain mature content. Face masks are mandatory at all times for all guests.

Tickets for the Notre Dame student film festival are $ 7 for the general public; $ 6 for teachers, staff and seniors (65+); and $ 4 for students. Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone at 574-631-2800, or in person at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center box office.

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