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The Annabelle Festival brings people to downtown Anna

ANNA, Ill. (KFVS) – The Town of Anna welcomed people downtown on Saturday as part of the 2022 Annabelle Festival.

The event brings together a variety of vendors, games, downtown store shopping and more.

A lot of planning went into this event, making it a fun and memorable time for everyone who enjoyed the festivities.

We spoke with a Union County Chamber of Commerce board member who said the event brought together many businesses and organizations.

“Traders worked with the Chamber of Commerce, local wineries, local businesses,” Tasha Faire said. “We’ve got everyone and their brother hooked up, and it’s just, coming out of COVID, it’s just been a great way to have some kind of city revival.”

People we spoke to say it’s great to see so many people coming out after staying home for a long time due to COVID.

“I think we all hibernated for a year, so to get out there and see people and be able to enjoy each other and the brotherhood and the community, kind of rekindling the community, it’s really nice to see that happening. produce,” said Tiffany Bowles. .

Local merchants we spoke to say this event is great for the local economy as people spend their money locally.

“It helps businesses around. It helps the neighborhood. Everyone comes and enjoys it and has a good time,” said Sinisi’s On Main St. owner Michael Sinisi. “That’s the whole story. Anna changes with the times now and we do these events and it’s great.

The festival is named after the Annabelle hydrangea, a flower found in the Anna region in the early 1910s.

A family found the flower while walking in the woods, brought it to town and gave it to residents who planted it in their yards.

In 1960, Bon Hartline had the flower registered as a regional flower.

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