The Bushwick Film Festival is putting on a program. NFTs will accept scenarios – deadline


Brooklyn Bushwick Film Festival We’ll be rolling out lineup for the 14th Hybrid, returning to live screenings and special events October 20-24, and showcasing digital artwork called NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for the first time in history.

This year’s festival will feature over 135 Indians from 27 countries. Having long announced awards such as Best Feature Film (Narrative and Documentary), Best Short Film (Narrative and Documentary) and Best Series, the script will also be eligible to enter the competition.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival is the work of Reset Feliciano. The woman is a loser, Lorenza Izzo, Simu Liu, Liza Weil with Elias Pragianos Indie TV Series Hudson Falls, William Sadler, Richard Kind, with Jessica Hecht. Nicolas minas Emma without Edmond, Lynn Cohen; by Kate Beaton and Louis Ledge Rehabilitation cabinElizabeth D. costa Bangla Surf GirlsPrasant Kamala Easy I wish you a good lifeAshish pants tie (((Ultra jump); Michael Gasselt and Sami Khan Last releasedIgnatius Aconcia Flame boyAyong Link riftthat of Vincent Martell Delicacy; And Ericaen Americanization, Above all.

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The NFT Festival Showcase will consist of a carefully curated collection of short films, special events and panels that tackle the latest blockchain trends, focusing on projects in line with this year’s theme, Dimensions. These types of works were first shown at the festival in 2018 via artsdoc. Neo now, visual artist Rah Crawford and leading crypto art platform Super Rare have been put in the spotlight.

Today’s Bushwick announcement was made by festival founder and CEO Kweighbaye Kotee. “Our program is dynamic every year, but what makes this year special is the new enthusiasm and appreciation for personal interaction, which makes the possibility of re-discovering art together very exciting. It will be, ”she said. “Our hybrid model is still limited, but it gives us hope for the future. The stories we share give us the opportunity to see each other in ways we never could have imagined. It’s still available. I look forward to a great lineup this year. “

Thanks to a partnership with Regal Cinemas in downtown Brooklyn, there will be a one-day face-to-face screening on October 23. Special events hosted by Fest will feature panelists, including the Opening Reception (Bushwick Lot 45 on October 20), All Day Networking (Sirka Brewing, in downtown Brooklyn on October 23) and Emmy. Includes the Film Industry Conference. Nominated producer Mynette Louie and editor Yael Helsonski (HBO) Wedding scene), Rahul Roy of Magnolia Theatrical Distribution, Dana Kuznetzkoff, founder of Fourth Agreement Entertainment, and Caryn Coleman, founder of The Future of Film. The latter will be available for streaming on October 24.

If you are looking for a remote experience in Bushwick, you can watch all of the festival films there. Digital platform, Daily Filmmaker Q&A and Closing Ceremony available on Facebook Live. Tickets are currently available for purchase at

The Bushwick Film Festival is putting on a program. NFTs will accept scenarios – deadline

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