The Palm Springs International Film Awards will honor Kristen Stewart for her role in “Spencer”

As audiences enjoy Kristen Stewart’s highly anticipated film, Spencer, exciting news recently arrived that Stewart will be honored at the Palm Springs International Film Awards for her role in the film.

Kristen Stewart has gained tremendous love and recognition for her portrayal of the late Princess Diana in the recently released film, Spencer.

Kristen Stewart to receive Spotlight Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2022

The Palm Springs International Film Awards recently announced that Kristen Stewart, the film’s lead actor, Spencer, will receive the Spotlight Award for his portrayal of the late Princess Diana.

According to Online, Harold Matzner, president of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, recently released a statement in which he praised Kristen Stewart’s performance in the film and added how she completely disappeared in the iconic role while genuinely embracing the manners, l ‘accent and demeanor of Diana with real deep emotion. He further stated that it was an honor for them to present the award to the actress for her best career performance.

The statement read: “It’s always a challenge to portray a real-life figure, especially someone as beloved as Princess Diana, but Kristen Stewart does a fantastic job in Spencer. She disappears completely in this iconic role, authentically adopting Diana’s mannerisms, accent and demeanor with genuine emotional depth. For this best career performance, we are honored to present the Spotlight Award, Actress to Kristen Stewart. “

Presented by American Express and sponsored by Entertainment tonight, The Palm Springs International Film Festival 2022 is scheduled to take place from January 6, 2022 to January 17, 2022, at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

‘Spencer’ star actors

In addition to Kristen Stewart who plays Princess Diana in the film, there are many other prolific actors who play important roles in the film. Some of them include Timothy Spall as Equerry Major Alistair Gregory, Sean Harris as Darren McGrady, Jack Farthing as Charles, Prince of Wales, Freddie Spry as Prince Harry, Jack Nielen as Prince William, Stella Gonet as Queen Elizabeth II, Olga Hellsing as Sarah, Duchess of York, Thomas Douglas as John Spencer, Niklas Kohrt as Prince Andrew, Duke of York, John Keogh as Michael, among others.

(Image: Instagram / @ spencer_movie)

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