This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ topic: Open topic | flying horse

All about spider monkeys: Did you know that spider monkeys are endangered? They live in the rainforest. They live in groups. They eat fruits, nuts and spiders.

I love my family: The reason I love my family is because they care about me. My mother takes care of me. I love my mother because she gave birth to me.

Everything about the school: School is where you learn. School is fun. You can read, you can write, you can play, you can help others, you can do crafts, you can learn many things, and you can do many things.

Story: I like history. It’s my favorite subject. From the dawn of time to supersonic aircraft. The thing I love to learn most of all is World War II. I know everything. I also like the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There is so much in history!

Soccer: Football is my all-time favorite. My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady is part of this team. He is QB. Tom Brady has won seven Super Bowls. His team has won two Super Bowls in a row. They are really good. This year they are going to the Super Bowl.

Spring Break: During spring break, I will go to the Time Out program. I love to play laser tag. I am going to have fun. I will play games.

My friends: I have a lot of friends. A friend is called Sarah. Another friend I have is called Violet. My other friends are Austin and Lilly. Charlotte, Mrs. Groff, Carlyse and Sarah are my friends. I like friends.

My school: Prairieland is fun. You can get to the school by bus or by car. At school we learn. It is from the first to the fifth year. Many people go to school.

Panda: My favorite animal is a panda. Pandas like to eat bamboo all day. An adult female weighs 200 pounds. Panda’s arms and legs, head and body are black and white. A predatory panda is a snow leopard. Do you like pandas?

Holidays in Florida: This year in 2022 I’m going on vacation to Florida! I live in Illinois so to get to Florida I will go through four states. These states are Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. I can’t wait to take this trip! My sister Sophia is excited to go too!

The music: How does music affect you? I bet music plays an important role in your life. I love music! There are many reasons why music is good for everyone. You can use an instrument, sing, dance to it or just listen to music. It’s so much fun to play an instrument. It takes a lot of practice, but if you keep working it feels amazing. Singing is good too.

To fall: I love fall because the trees change colors. I like to see people playing outside and having fun. You can see the brightest autumn moon in the fall. In the fall there is a candy corn day. I love candy corn!

Ice cream: I love ice cream. I always get vanilla unless it’s my birthday. My mom and dad take me to the store after I come home from school. My parents bring me ice cream. What kind of ice cream do you like?

My weekends: My choice on weekends is to watch a movie, draw and color, or paint. I also play with my friends outside at 4 o’clock in the evening. We all play at the playground in our apartment.

Trip to Hawaii: What should you pack if you go to Hawaii? You must bring sunglasses, clothes and food. Hawaiian parties are called luaus.

The ocean: I love the ocean, it’s fun to play. We play a lot of games like Sharks and Minnows. I also pick up trash and run on the beach in the morning. My sisters, my brothers and I have a sandcastle contest. I earn a lot. I love the ocean and the beach.

Sleepovers: During spring break, I’m having a slumber party with Destiny. We will eat popcorn. We will play Twister.

Friends are great: My friends are Jordyn, Charlotte and Austin. They are nice and awesome. I help them when they need me and they help me when I need them. I love my friends because they need me. I will always be with them. The best people are my friends.

Easter: Did you know that Easter is my favorite holiday? I love that the Easter bunny brings us presents. There are a lot of eggs at Easter. At Easter we celebrate Jesus. Easter is the best!

Boxing: Being a boxer is hard work. When a boxer goes to a fight, they say you have to get stronger to hit your opponent. You should always fight and have courage and be brave. When you fight, you have to protect your head. If you don’t, you could hurt yourself. Do you like boxing?

Dogs: I like dogs. They are super cuddly. Dogs are my favorite animals. My dream dog is a poodle. Do you like poodles?

Sweet Corn Festival: My favorite day of the year is August 27, 2022! Why? Because it’s the Normal Illinois Sweet Corn Festival! I love corn fest because my family always goes on the first day so we can have corn before it’s gone! Illinois is one of the top corn producers in the country. Illinois produces 2,131,200,000 bushels of corn per year!

Books you like: I like books because they help me learn. My favorite book is “The Babysitter Club”, it’s about a brilliant idea. I know all the characters. One is Kristy, two are Claudia, three are Mary and four are Stacey. I like books.

The best teacher: I have the best teacher in the world. Her name is Mrs. Scott. She’s nice. She cares about others. I love my teacher. I like to learn. I like to learn cursive.

The Lions: They are big cats. They eat gazelles, zebras and wild deer. They live in Africa. They are king of the savannah, not the jungle. Lions are the best.

Saint Patrick: I love St. Patrick’s Day. But the best part of St. Patrick’s Day is that I love pixies. They turn your toilet water green. Some do fun things. But some are nice.

My favorite animal : Dogs are my favorite pet. I have a dog at home. At home I have a Yorkie. I love my dog ​​so much. I am grateful to have a dog. My dog ​​is a boy and his name is Kobe, he is very sweet. I like playing with Kobe.

Noodle the fish: My pet fish, Noodle, is super cute and he acts like he’s starving right after he eats dinner, even though I give him a normal amount of food. Sometimes I even give him snacks. He lives with two ghost shrimps and a snail, and even a real ghost… RIP, Thomas, the frog. He jumped. He could jump 5 feet across the room.

Where do the dogs live: Where do the dogs live? Some dogs live in pet stores. Some dogs live in houses. Some dogs live in the wild. I like dogs!

Summer holidays: I’m going to Wisconsin and Minnesota in June. I go to Wisconsin because I go to the Kalahari. Kalahari is a water park and a hotel. We stay two days. I’m going to Minnesota because of the biggest mall in the US – The Mall of America. We stay at the mall for a day. I’m excited for June!

Baseball: What is the thing you like the most? I really want you to think about it because I might change your mind. My favorite thing in the whole world is baseball, mostly because MLB makes it amazing. One thing that makes MLB special is that many people around the world are poor and depend on baseball alone to change their lives.

Dr. Seuss: Dr. Seuss’ real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. But his friends and family call him Ted. Dr. Seuss was born on March 7, 1904. Dr. Seuss has written and illustrated 44 children’s books.

Help the poor: If I had gold, I would give it to the poor.