“To Leslie” and “Karaoke” Win Top Awards at Raindance Film Festival

Michael Morris’ feature debut ‘To Leslie’ won the festival’s film award at the 30th Raindance Film Festival in London and Andrea Riseborough won best performance for the film.

Israeli Moshe Rosenthal won Best Director and Best Screenplay for “Karaoke”. Korean director Hee-il Leesong’s “Swallow,” starring actor and musician Woo Ji-hyun, which had its world premiere at Raindance, won the award for best international feature film. Pratibha Parmar’s hybrid documentary drama “My Name is Andrea”, with a cast including Ashley Judd, Soko and Andrea Riseborough, won Best Documentary Feature. Selected as the UK’s entry into the International Feature Film category of the Oscars, ‘Winners’ was named Best British Feature Film by Raindance.


Film of the Festival: “To Leslie” (dir: Michael Morris, United Kingdom)

Best Performance: Andrea Riseborough, “To Leslie”

Best International Film: “Swallow” (dir: Hee-il Leesong, Korea)

Best British Feature: “Winners” (dir: Hassan Nazar, UK)

Best Documentary Feature: “My Name Is Andrea” (dir: Pratibha Parmar, USA)

Best Director: Moshe Rosenthal, “Karaoke” (Israel)

Best Screenplay: Moshe Rosenthal, “Karaoke”

Discovery / Best First Feature: “Gentle” (Dir: László Csuja, Anna Nemes, Hungary)

Best Cinematography: Nikita Kuzmenko, “Pamfir” (Dir: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-sobchuk, Ukraine)

Spirit Of Raindance: “Swede Caroline” (Dir: Finn Bruce, Brook Driver, UK)

Oscar Qualifying Short Film Program
Raindance is an Oscar-qualifying festival. The recipient of the festival’s Best Short Film is eligible for consideration in the Oscar short film category without the standard theatrical run (provided the film otherwise complies with academy rules.

Best short film of the festival: “Same Old” (Dir: Lloyd Lee Choi, USA)

Best British Short: “Glorious Revolution” (Dir: Masha Novikova, UK/Ukraine/Germany)

Best Documentary Short: “Elephant Food Is For The Strongest Teeth” (Dir: Michael Kinsella-Perks, Will McBain, UK)

Best Animated Short: “My Year Of Dicks” (Dir: Sara Gunnarsdóttir, USA/Iceland)

Best Music Video: Crazy (C Prinz, USA)