Trinchieri compares Bayern season to a 30 for 30 movie and names Barca favorites to win it all /News

As soon as Andrea Trinchieri emerged from the Palau Blaugrana as the winner, the Bayern head coach knew what was coming.

That’s why he was quick to play down the question from German basketball pundits, who suggested that if Munich played this way, moving forward would be a logical step for Bayern.

“No, no, no, I have a game tomorrow,” the experienced EuroLeague coach shook his head.

“We’re not doing anything. We’re not doing anything. We have to survive tomorrow’s game and find a way to play,” added Trinchieri.

As he likes to say, “IIn this game, you put on a helmet, armor and have all the weapons to resist.” But this time, that’s not exactly the case.

His primary offensive weapon, Darrun Hilliard, is likely out for the season. Its point guard Corey Walden isn’t ready to play yet, and center Leon Radosevic is questionable for Tuesday’s game.

There’s something extra that hasn’t been given to Bayern but has helped them survive incredible hardships this year, including numerous injuries and three covid outbreaks.

“My players’ performance hides a lot of things that happened to us. It’s very similar to ESPN’s 30 for 30 movie Survive and Advance. We’ve been through things that if I do a story it would be this. The book would be amazing what happened to us,” Trinchieri pointed out.

“The unity and performance of my players hides all the problems we had. But it would be a huge mistake to look too far ahead. In 24 hours we have a game against the best team in the standings, the best team on the roster and the best team by coach and system. There’s nothing more than that. I don’t look at anything more than that,” Trinchieri confirmed.

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The Italian specialist was proud of his team for overcoming obstacles on and off the pitch and stealing home advantage.

But he remains fully aware of the kind of beast that is coming to town.

“As I said after game 2, we know exactly where we are. We just won a game. A good game, well played with the right mentality. But we just won the privilege of playing two games at home. But thinking of two home games would be a big mistake,” Trinchieri said during the press conference.

“I think we have to focus on tomorrow’s game, it will be very difficult. Barca have enough everything to get through this situation. Most of the time, best of five, the first two games end 1-1. But they were in that situation last year as well. I don’t expect anything different from the first two games, where you have to fight for every ball, give even more energy and play possession after possession.” Trinchieri.

“It doesn’t seem very special, but it’s reality. I don’t want to live outside of reality. I’m down to earth. I know what’s going to happen. I know exactly that Barca are always the biggest favorite to win it all.”

Talking about adjustments, Trinchieri mentioned a few aspects where Barcelona could try to hit them.

“I think the game will be extremely physical with a lot of contact and the ball inside. They will try to play big. We will have to deal with that and react,” Trinchieri said.

Knowing himself so well, Trinchieri doesn’t think there can be a lot of unpredictability in these series.

Although some players stunned Barcelona in Game 2.

Deshaun Thomas went from scoreless in Game 1 to a 25-point hero in Game 2.

Andreas Obst also had a career-high 15 points after not showing up in Game 1.

I was very lucky to have players who understood that they had to step up, like Deshaun, Andy. It gave us incredible momentum. We have to do it maybe with other players. But I don’t think there are a lot of unpredictable things in this show,” Trinchieri said.

“I believe if you put a camera 90 degrees above the pitch there is a ball covered in flames and moving towards the Barca and Bayern half pitch. We know everything about both teams, the way to coach. It’s really about which player can do something at that moment.”

Bayern will host Barcelona in Munich on Wednesday and Friday. The Germans tied the series in Barcelona 1-1.