Variety Film Awards Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis receives NALIP Award for Excellence in Entertainment Journalism

Variety cinema price editor Clayton davis received the Award for Excellence in Entertainment Journalism by the National Association of Independent Latino Producers. NALIP made the announcement on Thursday.

“Latin voices are essential in the entertainment industry, which is why we want to stress the importance for journalists to spread the message through their platforms,” ​​NALIP wrote in its announcement. on Twitter. “We are honored to present this award to Clayton Davis because he worked diligently as Editor-in-Chief at Variety. “

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The award was presented as part of NALIP’s Latino Media Festival, an annual two-day event designed to celebrate the best in US Latinx content across all media platforms, including narrative shorts, TV pilots, content digital, documentary shorts and technical stories. . The festival also supports the emerging industry leaders of the Latinx community through a variety of mentors, connections and resources, striving to fill the media industry with greater Latinx representation both on and off screen.

NALIP is a non-profit advocacy group that promotes the professional needs of Latinx artists in the media. Founded in 1999, the group has brought together producers, content creators, academics and media advocates to help the Latinx community be heard and represented in the media industry.

Clayton Davis is Varieties film price editor. In addition to contributing to the written coverage of the awards season, Davis is also the host of the “Variety Awards Circuit Podcast” and the web video series “The Take”. Davis joined Variety in September 2020 after covering the film awards season for over 15 years. Davis is also the founder of the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association, the premier organization of Latino critics in the United States. In addition, he is a member of several other professional review organizations including the Critics Choice Association, African American Film Critics Association, New York Film Critics Online, and Black Reel Awards.

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