WATCH NOW: St. Therese Catholic Church Festival Draws Crowds | Local News

There was plenty of food, fun and laughter on Saturday as the annual parish festival at St. Theresa Catholic Church drew crowds to Kenosha.

The event, held at the Father Becker festival grounds at 2020 91st St., featured live music, food vendors, a raffle and games for the whole family, especially kids. Thousands of people turned out throughout the weekend for the church’s three-day fundraiser.

Organizer Adam Kavalauskas has been running the event for three years. He said this year’s event was a success.

“It’s been fantastic so far and several thousand people will be there,” Kavalauskas said. “We have people from northern Illinois, Kenosha County and even Racine County.”

Kavalauskas said it took months of planning to properly host such a big summer festival. He hopes to have more volunteers next year, but said he was deeply grateful to everyone who helped out this year.

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“It’s a lot of different moving parts,” he says. “There’s a lot in there, which is a lot more than people might imagine. … I don’t sleep during the week of the festival.

Kavalauskas said his faith inspired him to dedicate so much time to the festival.

“There’s something to be said for helping when we can and while we can,” he said. “We do it while we can for the church, for the community. … I just want to sincerely thank all the volunteers. We can’t do it without volunteers.

Kristen Kelly also volunteered her time.

“I love the church and want to see us continue for as many years as possible and that includes the volunteers,” she said. “People want to go out and have a good time. People want to go out and socialize.

Natalle Dreifke attended the event with her family and friends.

“We’re having a blast,” she said. “We had great pizzas and the boys love the bouncy houses.”