West Bloomington Revitalization Project Hosts Harvest Fest at West Side Community Garden


BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD / WYZZ) – On Saturday afternoon, volunteers from the West Bloomington Revitalization Project hosted a harvest party at their West Side community garden.

Organizers said it encourages the community to come together and beautify the area.

“It’s a great growing community garden and people got to know each other, I got to know neighbors that I never knew,” said Valerie Dumser of WBRP.

Community members, including children, were encouraged to chalk the sidewalk and decorate a mural on the garden fence.

“People come by and they’re inspired, and even though it’s a pretty bleak day, the color really jumps out there and it really makes people feel like it’s a celebration,” said Danell Dvorak of WBRP.

Dvorak said she takes pride in having the garden on the west side of Bloomington and being able to grow fresh produce there.

“The west side is the better side, of Bloomington. It has, I think, the most diversity, beautiful houses, wonderful soil, I mean Illinois soil, this is the place to grow things. A community garden is the heart of a neighborhood because it’s something you work on, enjoy together, ”said Dvorak.

People could also collect free vegetables. Dumser said she was happy to get products for those in need.

“It’s just, it makes you feel good to know that people are getting the food they need,” Dumser said.


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