Winners of the 41st Golden Cinema Film Festival

On November 20, the 41st Golden Cinema Film Festival was held in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province.

The film “The Book of Fish” won five awards, including the Golden Director of Photography, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Film and Best New Actress. The award for Best Actor and Best Actress was won by Sol Kyung Gu (“The Book of Fish”) and Chun Woo Hee (“Waiting for the Rain”).

Sol Kyung Gu said, “I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Golden Cinema Film Festival. I’ve done a lot of films, but when I think of the first prize I won, I think it was here. Thank you for always inviting me here. Chun Woo Hee said, “I’m nervous because this is the first time I’ve been to an awards show in a while. After winning the Popularity Award with ‘Han Gong Ju’, I’m finally back at the Golden Cinema Film Festival. I am grateful for this award because I know how precious and loving the choices of directors of photography are. I’m here thanks to director Jo Jin Mo, cinematographer Yoo Il Seung, and the efforts of the production team in “Waiting for Rain.” I want to be an actor that people in the film industry want to work with.

Krystal won the Cinematographers’ Choice Popularity Award for her role in “More Than Family”. She said: “It is an honor to have won this award for my first film. Because I was chosen by the directors of photography, it seems more meaningful. I’ll recognize this as a motivation to work harder to play the role. “

Check out the full list of winners below!

Best film : “The Book of Fish”
Best Director: Lee Joon Ik (“The Book of Fish”)
Director of Photography Gold Award: Lee Eui Tae (“The Book of Fish”)
Director of Photography Silver Award: Kim Byung Jung (“Beyond This Mountain”)
Director of Photography Bronze Award: Son Won Ho (“The Swordsman”)
Best New Director of Photography: Yoo Il Seung (“Waiting for the rain”)
Best New Director: Seo Yoo Min (“Recalled”)
Best actor: Sol Kyung Gu (“The Book of Fish”)
Best Actress: Chun Woo Hee (“Waiting for the Rain”)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Hee Won (“Pawn”)
Best Supporting Actress: Jang Hye Jin (“More than a family”)
Best New Actor: Park Bo Gum (“Seobok”)
Best New Actress: Min Dohee (“The Book of Fish”)
Filmmakers’ Choice Popularity Award: Cha Seung Won (“Sinkhole”), Krystal (“More Than a Family”)
Child actor award: Park So Yi (“Pawn”)
Best light director: Jo Kyu Myung (“Diva”)
Special Jury Prize: Kim Dae Myung (“Stone Jump”), Jang Yoon Joo (“Three Sisters”)
Best New Independent Film: “We go together” (Kim Ki Hyun)

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